An introduction to the history of the battle of the bulge

He anticipated that a Soviet offensive would attempt to cut off and destroy Army Group South by a move across the Donets River toward the Dnieper. At that moment a strong enemy column was reported in the French rear, and sections of the French left wing began to withdraw in the face of that apparent threat.

Delays in ending the siege pushed back the start date for Blau several times, and the city did not fall until the end of June. We were right in the middle of chow when they started coming in.

Battle of the Bulge - Research Paper Example

As the disheartened British advance guard began to break, the main British force arrived, followed soon after by German reinforcements that struck the American troops forcefully. The battle that ensued is known historically as the Battle of the Bulge.

Two battalions of the Old Guard were ordered to Plancenoit, which they captured, pursuing the Prussian defenders yards metres to the east, and Duhesme and the Young Guard reoccupied Plancenoit.

It was the good weather and the continual bombing and strafing of the German supply lines that turned the Von R. The time needed for the Russians to reach the Rhine would delay the invasion until early July, and that allowed Napoleon the opportunity to organize his defenses.

Even American civilians, who had thought final victory was near were sobered by the Nazi onslaught. Despite a heavy enemy barrage before the attack was launched the Division stormed through the first Black line which was covered in front by three and in places four lines of trenches.

Napoleon lost 25, men killed and wounded and 9, captured. Many towns were captured, and by this time every man had a pistol and was a fighting fool. We also received some training for river crossing, which was planned for the Danube in a few days.

Although the defenders of St Vith were forced to retreat they had inflicted a serious delay on the Germans. Both sides began to attach propaganda value to the city, based on it bearing the name of the leader of the Soviet Union.

The next morning we moved to Heimbach, a point in the drive, and set up outpost and waited for the armor to resupply and break loose again. No such positions could be found, so we waited until a more suitable crossing could be found.

Vith and Bastogne, American tankers and paratroopers fought off repeated attacks, and when the acting commander of the st Airborne Division in Bastogne was summoned by his German adversary to surrender, he simply responded, "Nuts.

They threw everything but the kitchen stoves at the Jerries. Thus, they were unable to return fire effectively and were very vulnerable to artillery. Despite losing the field, the Americans had suffered only half as many casualties as the British, a circumstance that would prove detrimental to the British in the coming days.

Battle of the Bulge Association

Hitler rejected this idea; he did not want to give up so much terrain, even temporarily. As the challenges offered by Citadel increased, he focused more and more on the expected new weapons that he believed were the key to victory: Crisis and the French collapse Between 5: We passed near an old kitchen dump, and if there was any food at all that looked edible, we picked it up.

We stayed there one night and on Nov. To the south armored and airborne troops, although completely surrounded and under heavy German attack, held Bastogne for the duration of the battle. In a treaty of alliance signed on March 25, Great BritainPrussiaAustriaand Russia each vowed to maintainmen in the field until Napoleon had been overthrown.

Often isolated and unaware of the overall picture, they did their part to slow the Nazi advance, whether by delaying armored spearheads with obstinate defenses of vital crossroads, moving or burning critical gasoline stocks to keep them from the fuel-hungry German tanks, or coming up with questions on arcane Americana to stump possible Nazi infiltrators.

Then we found ourselves following the 7th Armored again all the way to Kuntrop. We did a lot of patrolling while we were dug in this defensive position, and only through the good leadership of the officers and non-coms and by the expert soldiering of the men were our casualties kept so low.

Fox, of Wilmington, Del. I am reading this book as an introduction to some of the specifics of the Bulge.

Battle of the Bulge

I understand the overall battle - German surprise offensive, St. Vith, Bastogne, bad flying weather, etc - but I am looking for specifics from all across the front with regard to which units were involved and did what.

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Introduction – Men at War: 87th Infantry Division

The Battle of the Bulge was the largest battle on the Western Front of World War Two. At the largest point of the battle it involved over million men. The battle was started when the Germans launched Operation Watch on the Rhine.

An introduction to the history of the battle of the bulge
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