An introduction to the issue of increasing attachment to mobile phones

Apart from that, 3G promises increased bandwidth, kbps when the device holder is walking, kbps in a car and 2 Mbps in a fixed application. Furthermore, Deghan et al. As can be seen in table 1the highest average among participants was related to an addiction to cell phones variable and the lowest one to depression variable.

The effects of brand communication and service quality in building brand loyalty through brand trust: By reviewing mental health indicators, it was found that students were affected with depressive disorder The word convergence denotes merging of technologies, domain and discrete IT systems.

Based on these results, mental health of university students of Shahrekord did not differ according to demographic factors gender, type of university, type of residence, education, and marital status. This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Results showed that with confidence interval of 0. Mobile phone cameras, on the other hand, permit limited control of camera parameters and often allow no control over post-processing done on the image before viewing or transmission.

Emotional attachment and mobile phones

Also, we must not forget that because modern day children are drawn towards electronics, they are more compelled to engage in study activities on a computer rather than a sheet of paper. However, personal and social consequences of the increasing use of cell phones among Iranians students and youths are a topic not considered and investigated by experts, professionals and researchers in human sciences, especially psychology, despite its importance.

Results of the study by Hooper and Zhou showed that the rate of mobile phone use among university students is very high. Intervening effect of customer satisfaction. Conceived and designed the experiments: Given the cultural differences and widespread progressing wave of using cell phones among youths and university students and the risk of dependency and addiction to it, the present study aims at investigating the role of depression and attachment styles in predicting addiction to cell phone among university students.

Krisnanto mentions that the value of the customer is the source of all value in the organization, and creating strong customer value is the main goal of every company. Comparing Various Technologies Download as. The phone holder couples the phone to the microscope optics by aligning the phone camera with the eyepiece and setting the distance between the two to position the mobile phone lens at the exit pupil of the eyepiece, thus minimizing vignetting and maximizing the area of the camera sensor filled by the image.

A conceptual model of service quality and its implications for future research. Cell phones have become important communication media for individuals in romantic relationships. The frequency of and methods used for communication may vary by adults' style of romantic attachment.

Abstract. This article has provided, through reference to recent research, insights into the ways that people are using their mobile phones in their everyday lives and in particular it has explored and examined the concept of emotional attachment to the mobile phone.

a) To study the level of emotional attachment and its impact on disposition of mobile phones b) To understand the effect of possession attachment on disposition of mobile phones.

Aug 14,  · While most mobile phones are often equipped with the latest high-tech features and applications such as cameras, games and social media channels, sometimes it's nice to be able to upgrade your device to something a little bit more savvy/ The present paper describes the four-phase development of text messages that could be delivered to the mobile phones of new fathers.

A bank of text messages was developed with a sequential, iterative mixed methodology including qualitative and quantitative processes (see Figure 1).

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Phase 1. In general, our results indicate a significant relationship among the depression, attachment styles with addiction to cell phones and also depression and avoidant attachment style can predict significantly the addiction to cell phones in .

An introduction to the issue of increasing attachment to mobile phones
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Quantitative Imaging with a Mobile Phone Microscope