An introduction to the life and an influental career of louis armstrong

Click Here to sign up. With his increasing fame, however, came the criticism of a black community that felt he was not living up to the responsibilities of the times.

Biography of Louis Armstrong

The marriage ended only four years later due to her beating him regularly Bergreen His compositions showcased the skill of each of his players, whom he made sure were not only talented, but characteristically unique like himself.

A year later the Hot Five made their only public appearance at the Chicago Coliseum. Over the next forty years, Ellington became one of the most important composers of the twentieth century.

His health kept declining, and on 6th Julyhe died while sleeping at his home in Queens. His popularity was phenomenal, and throughout the s he was one of the most sought-after musicians in both New York and Chicago.

He began playing with the large bands that were popular at the time, but soon realized that his style was better suited to a smaller ensemble. In the s, Armstrong performed with a number of different musical groups, and began to revolutionize the jazz world with his introduction of the extended solo.

He, however, still occasionally continued performing, sometimes even against the doctor, advice. Compiled here are who I believe are the best of the best, and the most influential all throughout the history of jazz music.

After the s, Louis fronted for the big bands of the s and forties. In the Hot Five split up. To help his mother raise the much-needed income, Louis Armstrong started singing in the streets at night for money. He received musical instructions and became a talented cornet player while at home.

This would become his theme song. Personal Life Louis Armstrong married Daisy Parker, a former prostitute, in but the couple soon divorced. Oliver joined Bill Johnson in Chicago inand soon after assumed control of the band. A year later Armstrong married Lil Hardin, the pianist in the band.

Having a one of the first racially-integrated music groups and being a strong opposer of Jim Crow Laws, Goodman promoted racial-equality by not touring the Southern States. They became famous for their "Jungle Nights" show, and were hired for a permanent position at the renowned Cotton Club.

As a result, he left for Los Angeles in where he played at the New Cotton Club for about one year before returning to Chicago in late She wrote few songs, but when she sang, she took on a deep, personal and intimate approach.

His New Orleans band formed in fostered many young and rising jazz musicians, including: Because of his success, many other artists were propelled to high levels of fame.

About Louis Armstrong

Inhe married his second wife Lil Hardin who greatly helped him shape his career. Though he had been singing since his early days in Chicago, it was not until the s that audiences recognized his remarkable skill as a singer as well.

15 Most Influential Jazz Artists

This entry is excerpted from the new TIME book The Most Influential People of All Time, which profiles spiritual icons, leaders, explorers, visionaries and cultural titans throughout human history.

Louis Armstrong Essay Examples. The Life and Career of Louis Armstrong, the King of Jazz. 2, words. 5 pages. A Biography of Louis Armstrong a Musician.

Quincy Jones: His Life in Music

1, words. 2 pages. A Biography of Louis Armstrong, an American Singer. words. 1 page. An Introduction to the Life and an Influental Career of Louis Armstrong. 1, words. 3 pages. Louis Armstrong was born August 4, Armstrong was one of the first African-American entertainers to gain popularity in a racially segregated nation, the issue of race being secondary to his music.

Biography of Louis Armstrong

He is considered a foundational influence in jazz. Louis Armstrong: The King Of Jazz Essay - Louis Armstrong was known as the King of jazz, a trumpeter and singer who was one of the most influential figures in jazz music. Famous for his innovative methods of playing the trumpet and cornet, he was also a highly talented singer blessed with a powerful voice.

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An introduction to the life and an influental career of louis armstrong
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