An overview of the southwest airlines a successful organization

Company Overview

What factors were a result of competing against other industries and can be reduced. The industry is already seeing an increase in travel that is expected to continue. In United had a revenue growth of This was exemplified through airport games and activities when flights were delayed, putting customers at ease and creating an air of relaxation and fun instead of frustration and anger.

The company does not put much emphasis on structure; instead, employees are encouraged to think freely without constraints such as titles or official mandates. Trained and developed young workforce and personnel returning to the work environment.

What is Quality Function Deployment (QFD)?

Lead, coach and manage others: Its fleet consists exclusively of Boeing jets. The major airlines are composed of 14 major airlines. Even though the prices of flights were a steal; the numbers of passengers on flights were fewer than on all of the 18 flights.

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It provides jet service to approximately destinations throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Pacific.

It can then be concluded that the customer service that is inherent to Southwest is a part of its culture. It became hard to pass higher fuel costs on to passengers by raising ticket prices due to the highly competitive nature of the industry.

They are generally lower cost and considered more convenient for shorter distance travel; however, air travel in the U. The employees are the distinguishing factor between Southwest and the rest of the airline industry. Above all, Employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every Southwest Customer.

Theses are larger airports that can accommodate much larger aircraft and traffic volumes. Southwest is committed to returning value to its Shareholders. Most of its flights are short hauls averaging about miles. She is incredibly interested by the intersection of business development and environmental preservation.

In recent years, pressures have somewhat eased as established carriers have stayed within their existing geographical areas of dominance, concentrating more on returning to profitability than expansion. This shows the quality of relationship that Southwest has with its employees and with the unions that represent them.

There are between 75 and projects in the works each year supported by approximately IT employees. The framework poses four key questions: To drive this mentality, Southwest customers are treated as friends and family.

The major change in this sector is stemming from the regional jet phenomenon. Airlines primarily compete on price and service; however, to a lesser extent they do compete on frequency of flights, frequent-flyer programs, reliability of flights, and other amenities.

Customer service and satisfaction was a top priority for Muse. Financially, Delta like its fellow competitors thus far, is also in financial dismay. It maintains a relentless focus on high-performance relationships and its people-management practices have been the key to its unparalleled success in the airline industry.

Encompassed with the extreme costs facing major airlines it is a true fight for their life. Once the bar code on the boarding pass is scanned at the terminal gate it checks off the person from the passenger list in real time. Point-to-Point Service Southwest operates its flight point-to-point service to maximize its operational efficiency and stay cost-effective.

Substitute Products — Moderate.

Blue Ocean Strategy: Creating Your Own Market

Six of these in this category are often referred to as the "Big 6"; however after the events of September 11th, there has been a shuffle and not such a high labeling for the top six airlines.

From the leaps and bounds that technology has brought on, through the terrorist attacks inthere are many challenges that the air transportation industry has faced.

Air travel is also a fuel-intensive industry, thus making the airlines very sensitive to swings in fuel prices offered by fuel suppliers.

Company Overview

United has a partnership with United Cargo which offers domestic and international shipping and they also helped form the Star Alliance in which is a global integrated airline network. Develop and maintain accurate multi-million dollar station budgets.

From its first flights on June 18,Southwest Airlines launched an era of unprecedented affordability in air travel described by the U.

Effectively lead and directed Vendors to achieve and maintain station goals; develop and maintained seven figure station budgets.

Three of which have a priority on cargo transportation. Southwest Airlines acquisition of rival AirTran Airways may have been responsible for a sharp decline in on-time arrivals, which is one of Southwest's _____ goals, supporting a larger goal of.

Southwest Airlines, arguable the most successful and loved of all the airlines. This book gives expert insight into how the airline that no one thought could survive its /5(7). And, as Seth Stevenson argues convincingly in Slate, Southwest's commitment to a single type of plane—the Boeing —has played a big part in its success.

“Culture” is the Key To SouthWest Culture is the key to success of SouthWest SouthWest has a unique culture to keep morale of employees high SouthWest is committed to keep costs low which is made part of the culture of the company Culture is the glue that holds the employees and company objectives together Emphasis on creativity: employees.

By any measure, Southwest Airlines has been the standout success story of the U.S. airline industry. Among its accomplishments: n In a highly volatile industry, Southwest has been profitable every year except for the year in which it was established.

Kelleher, Herb () Southwest Airlines Company. Overview. Herb Kelleher, resorting at times to somewhat unorthodox techniques, has led Southwest Airline Company to nearly three straight decades of profits in a financial climate that has brought many other, larger passenger air carriers to their knees.

An overview of the southwest airlines a successful organization
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